Mar 08.

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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

2019 is a special year for UML, it marks 10 years into this journey. Those A-1s since day 1 remember Urban Mogul Life started as a dream and a blog. From there we grew to what we are today, a media network with our hands in all things that make up the culture. Dope. However… there is something in me that misses the simple days of jotting my thoughts in a blog. 

Back in the early days, I combed the web daily to find interesting things to post or for inspiration to express myself, my take on this culture we live and love. Some articles were special while others were a way for me to get my rocks off. But as time went by, the writing slowed from a gushing waterfall to a slow drip. Part of the issue was my muse seemed to have dried up. Like dried all the way up. Hard crusty sponge dried up. So instead of fighting through the drought, I found creativity in other lanes; podcasts and event hosting. However, with all the challenges these new outlets presented, I still missed my original love… writing. 

You know the saying absence makes the pen game stronger. Well, that isn’t a saying at all, but through the void, I gave birth to Cashmere Thoughts. 

What’re Cashmere Thoughts you ask? It is a zone for me to spit my shit and share game I come across on the internets. I will be pubbing UML from the latest podcast and events, but to artists, I have a hand in developing. Mogul shit. Ya dig. But I will also slowly get my prose back on point. You know a Mogul can’t leave his muse dry for long, that is when problems occur. 

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