Our Approach

We aspire to provide superior media content centered around the urban professional’s lifestyle that bridges where they work, live and play. Since 2009, the Mogul Brand has united individuals from all walks of life and corporate levels. We will strive to deliver the latest in fashion, music, lifestyles, sports, business, technology as well as many other topics.

At Mogul Squared Media, we not only provide quality content but we also service and assist clients in bringing their creative vision to reality.

Meet the Team

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Founder & CEO

Danny P Ocean…. the P stands for Poitier / El Fatiah is the founding writer of Urban Mogul Life and the Director of Food and Beverage. Besides writing for UML, he is a member of one of the best podcasts in the history of podcasts…. The Mogul Lounge. And to top it all off Mr. Ocean is trying to convince himself to write a book that will be so smooth it will garner a Pulitzer Prize!!!

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The Podfather

Sometimes I pod slow sometimes I pod slick.  Imma cigar puffing, gun toting, 2nd Amendment loving, 2 wheel rollin’, laid back type of guy.


Maal Himself

Resident wordsmith,national hip hop act, certified personal trainer, and avid Hennessy lover. Maal is our jack of all shows and trades. Maal has a bachelors of science in secondary education history/theology.

Next Steps...

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